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. >>> another case we're following former dc council chairman kwame brown will be sentenced in court later today. bank fraud and campaign finance charges. separate sentences for both. melanie is live this morning with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all of this is going to play out in two separate court houses because he's facing charges in two different jurisdictions. one, the bank fraud charges is a federal case and the other is a campaign finance charge. suggesting in the bank fraud case a 6 day jail term. but could be much longer in the campaign violation case, that second case. brown was a rising political star. instead he had a high profile fall after pleading guilty in june to the bank fraud charges. in addition to falsifying information on bank loan applications, he also forged signatures. the second case is related to audit that was done by the dc office of campaign financing. that audit found 2008 re-election campaign failed to report more than $400,000 in expenditures and $239,000 wound up in the hands of a consulting company. prosecutors did say brown deserves some
qualmie brown will be sentenced on bank charges. >> also campaign violation charges which he will be sentenced for this afternoon. melanie is live outside the u.s. district court now with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we all know brown was a rising political star. in 2004 he became the first person living east to win a city council seat. he rose in power taking the council chairman step in 2010 at the age of 40. federal prosecutors say after today, he will have no political office and be unemployed. he pleaded guilty in june. false information on bank loan applications. one of the loans was for 39 foot boat. also forged the signature of a friend to overstate his income by tens of thousands of dollars. the other charges go back to an audit. 2008 re-election campaign kwauled to report more than $400,000 in expenditures and $239,000 wound up in the hands of a consulting company. on those federal charges brown's original plea called for 6 month sentence. prosecutors believe a 6 day jail sentence plus three years of supervised probation would be appropriate
election in a few months in massachusetts. scott brown just defeated, he could turn around and run for that seat. it's not a slam dunk. i think that -- >> which would give the republicans -- >> yeah. so going to be considerations if he picks somebody from the senate to fill these slots. >> leon panetta, likely to depart. who might remace him? >> i think it's a tough job to find a good replacement. there's all kinds of people who have been in top positions, mullen, who has been the joint chiefs of staff. there are people who get mentioned. but the thing i think with the panetta decision and the timing is sort of critical there. if we're facing the potential for a military showdown with iran, we're facing a lot of other iran situations, a lot of other tense situations around the world, it's quite possible that panetta gets drafted to stay a little bit longer until some of these situations are worked out. tim geithner is another example, treasury secretary. while we have a fiscal cliff situation, this debt limit crisis a few months after that, i think with geithner, it's also an issue
upset appears to have come in the dc council. vincent orange will keep his seat. but michael brown has lost his. brown was beaten by grosso. it's 7:12. we'll be back. it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. >>> this is how hundreds in new york's famous times square celebrated the win. the crowd erupted into cheers. dancing in the streets. >> and overseas this was the scene in a canyon village where president obama's late father grew up. danced and shattered in celebration when they heard the news. step grandmother sara obama and relatives still live there. >> all right. a big night. a little tired right now. >> are you? >> you know, on these big events it's hard to kind of go to bed. >> i forced myself to bed early. >> and knew we would replay everything that happened last night. >> it's more interesting when you get to watch it unfold. >> it's like taping a football game. >> you wa
could be added. >> former dc council man kwame brown is waking up in his home this morning after spending one day in federal custody. sentenced them to 6 months home detention, 2 years probation and 480 hours of community service. brown pleaded guilty in june to campaign finance violations and falsifying loan documents for his home and a boat. >> now to a story we continue to follow. nearly two dozen public schools targeted for shut down. the announcement came late yesterday afternoon. the move comes as fewer students are enrolled in public schools in the district and instead are attending the city's charter schools. for a full list of the 20 schools affected, you can log on to >>> from driving on sidewalks to fighting on bus between a bus driver and a student. >> wisdom martin is back with a look at stories that people are talking about. >> good morning. we begin our people behaving badly segment with blows on a baltimore bus. a baltimore bus driver is suspended after getting into a physical fight with a female passenger. this video shows the women hitting and punch
already. >> that's just to get everything warmed through. put it on to the broiler. put it brown and chris pee. put it on here for a second. >> this has been a french stable for years. >> yes. >> we're just doing our own. not trying to re invent the wheel or anything. >> redesigning it on one side. >> so brill it on both sides. so tell me about this 64 degree egg thing. >> sure. what you do is cook the egg at a specific temperature. and what that does is it gives you the ability to have a very custahdy texture. >> it takes time and patience. >> it does. >> yes. the cooking process itself is 48 minutes but you have to heat up the water and cook the eggs and cool the eggs down and heat them back up. it's a whole process for sure. used to like to cook eggs but this is high maintenance. >> this is our 64 degree egg. >> this is 64 degree celsius. >> that's how the egg naturally is. it's a slow process. doesn't have that harsh quick cook time. has a nice silkiness. >> why does it work on every item you serve on your menu? >> everybody likes that richness. everybody loves an ego the burger. it ha
brown loses his. >> dc voters had ballot amendments to decide on from ethic's scandals. all three passed by overwhelming majority. amendment 5 will allow the council to kick a member out if they have committed gross misconduct in office. >> amendment 6 will make it so a council member convicted of a felony will lose their seat and barred from holding that office again. amendment 7 does the same thing for the mayor's office disqualifying a sitting mayor if they are convicted of a felony. >> another cold day on tap and could bring in some snow. tucker is back with the forecast in just a moment. >> as we head to the break, yes, yes and yes. maryland voters approve the dream act allowing illegal immigrants who meet requirements to pay in state tuition. >> a histic vote as maryland becomes one of the first state where same sex marriage was approved by the voter. >> and what happens in vegas soon won't have to stay in vegas. we'll be right back.  >>> that is a beautiful picture. beautiful picture on this wednesday morning as you are looking at the trees changing
enbald head. brown eyes. gap in his front teeth and a scar on his forward. carrying a brown or tan soft leather briefcase. >>> again, one of those things a really good description. it's possible library patrons here maybe they know who he is. fairfax county police are asking for anyone in the public to please get in touch with them. >> thank you. >> also police in fairfax county are stepping up their search for a serial fondler. here's a sketch of the man. he is described as being hispanic, medium build with dark hair and wearing a red cap during many of the attacks. so far 9 women have said they were attacked by a man fitting this description. each time the men were grabbed from behind before the suspect ran await a minute the latest incident happened last thursday in springfield. >> in prince georges county police are investigating a shooting that killed a man in hill crest heights on 23rd parkway around 9:00 last night as police were responding to a report of gunshots when they found a man in the street. he had been shot multiple times and died on the way to the hospital. no word on
7.8% to 7.9% last month. >>> kwame brown could serve just six days when prison when sentenced november 13th. that's the recommendation prosecutors released yesterday. the former d.c. council chairman pleaded guilty in june to corruption charges. prosecutors admit his crime was serious but say brown deserves credit for accepting responsibility and cooperating. >>> a prince george's police officer will be in court for a bond hearing today, a day after being indicted on an attempted murder charge. prosecutors say sergeant johnnie riley shot and wounded calvin kyle after kyle climbed out of a police cruiser and tried to run away. kyle was in handcuffs at the time. it happened along county road in september after riley pulled kyle over for speeding on a stolen motorcycle. kyle is now paralyzed from the waist down. >>> a virginia man who sparked a manhunt has been caught in montana. 25-year-old laurence alan stewart ii was caught tuesday after a police chase. officers had to deflate his tires after stewart threw a pipe bomb at them. he is accused of trying to kill his ex-girlfriend
to 17 rapes in four states. >> former dc chairman kwame brown was sentenced 6 months home detention, 2 years probation and 480 hours of community service. pleaded guilty of falsifying loan documents for his home and a boat. >> and new this morning, it is the end of the political road for george allen. former virginia governor says he won't run again. he lost to tim kaine last week in the race to retiring senator jim web. he was unseated by webb in 2006. >> we want to go back to the breaking news we told you about a few moments ago. the shooting investigation at a wal-mart in maryland. a 28-year-old man was shot at the scene. he has serious injuries but is expected to survive. remains unclear whether the shooting happened inside or outside the store which is just off the bw parkway. >> 10 minutes after the hour now. coming up, 20 public schools could soon be forced to close their doors. >> and a reminder drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to share the road. what police will be doing to get that message across. >> one of the world's most admired diamonds is sold. the rare stone and how mu
pants and carrying a brown or a tan soft leather briefcase. other patrons say they've felt safe here. but they say now obviously when hearing about something like this, makes them more nervous. >> i would imagine so. thank you. >> well, prince georges county police are on the look out for two men who robbed two others at an atm. a man pulled a semi automatic weapon and stole the wallets and car keys. cameras captured some of the robbery. these are the photos of the suspects. >> we've told you about the winners and the losers. those who had vote casts for them. >> specifically the governors of maryland and virginia. one has a lot to celebrate. the other not so much. we're going to take a closer look later this hour. >> a popular children's program is hoping to help kids in the sandy storm zone. that's coming up. and live to long island where they are dealing with a second major blow from mother nature. >> the latest on our own weather and traffic coming up in a little bit. we'll be right back. this year, america's privately-owned freight railroads plan to o spend $23 billion on their
at home. very simple and easy to do. pecans, nuts, some maple syrup, brown sugar. >> reporter: not only are you doing the cooking with kids, but you are going to be a part of the performance, right? you'll be doing demonstrations? >> we are. we'll be making soup, smoothies. >> reporter: this is wonderful. what's going on down here? >> this is an italian flat bread. simple, easy to use. it's great to engage kids early in the kitchen. it's something they can do. it's a little bit of flour, yeast, water, salt, sugar. >> reporter: sometimes people might not think of a cooking school involved with an event like this. this is wonderful for you to be a part of. >> it is for us. we've done two events with them already, where we've done a social tea and then we had a group of young ladies came in and cooked for their mothers. >> reporter: nice. >> at the school we try to get kids involved early so they can learn good techniques and yet healthy techniques. >> reporter: so they have this wonderful backdrop behind them of ll these beautiful trees as you've been seeing all morning long. they have a
:30 this morning. >>> prosecutors are recommending a six-day jail sentence for kwame brown. he pleaded guilty to federal bank fraud and a campaign finance violation in june. the agreement called for a sentence of up to six months. but prosecutors say though his crime was serious, he deserves credit for accepting responsibility and for cooperating with law enforcement. >>> coming up, targeting generation y. people under 30 make up a little less than half the population. so what should candidates be doing to encourage them to head out to the polls tuesday? i'm sitting down with young political leaders for their opinions. >> from young voters to a woman who is voting for the first time in her 99 years. find out what inspired her next. my goodness. 9:09now.      >>> a 99-year-old woman in florida who has lived through two dozen presidential elections is voting for the first time in her life. rosie lewis was inspired to vote after president obama won four years ago and says she promised herself if she lived to see another election, she would vote. she requested a ballot by mail
center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >>> love the music. here's one for all you bond fans. a new exhibit at spy museum in the district. it commemorates 50 years of bond movies and the bad guys. holly morris will be checking it out on the show on monday. allison? >>> he plays edward in the "twilight" saga, but he showed a lighter side when he sat down with kevin mccarthy. he told kevin why he thinks his character would be a big hit in another long running franchise. check it out. >> this is one of the most iconic casts of all time. it's going to be one of those for our general races. i was thinking if you could drop this "twilight" cast into a classic film and have them interact with another cast, who would they have the most fun with? >> can it be a real tv people? >> sure. do anything you want. >> i was going to say girls gone wild. >> how would edward fare in girls gone wild? >> i think it would get him out of his shell. >> you see bella turn into a
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